We believe that the human experience is the most valuable thing that we can cater to and share.

We aim to bring people together, to have a unique and memorable experience. Our events highlight the local spirit, that of the city where we venture. Feel the buzz of the room, may it be the result of the live music, fine dining, the extraordinaire on display or the intermingling of great people.

Our aim is that you walk away with a sparkle in your eye, and perhaps a pip in your step.

Curated Products

Every product that you discover through Mavour Alor has been hand selected.

We are intentional and calculated when selecting the products and brands that we choose to offer.

Products are selected based on a belief in the elegance of the design and of the overall quality of the product.

We curate in a way that affords cohesiveness and familiarity throughout our ecosystem.

Ethical Sourcing

Recognizing the challenges associated with providing precious materials in a responsible manner, we work closely with our suppliers to ensure our offerings are produced in the most ethical and environmentally responsible way possible.


Creativity is something to be celebrated.

We do this by commissioning or internally producing one off or limited run pieces of functional art -- and because we are celebrating creativity, we push the design and the material in a way that is only limited by the imagination.

Think of our extraordinaire as not practical, but insane -- and because of that, a trophy to own and display.

Our History.

As with all things that have been brought into existence by our hand, the origin was an idea.

A curated online marketplace, where everything fits into the same design theme, where everything is top quality -- and where the human experience is put first. A place where creativity and curiosity can be captured and converted into treasures. A gathering of people, sharing special moments. 

Founded in 2020 by Joshua M. Feely